Brent Tamati

Director, Direct Building Solutions

Brent is a fully licensed builder with 28 years’ building and carpentryexperience and 8 years at the helm of Direct Building Solutions.

“I’m proud of the quality of the finished product we create for each and every client. Our word of mouth referrals are a testament to the work we do.”

Learning the tools of the trade

At 15, Brent became an apprentice carpenter under the leadership of a successful residential builder, Ron Davis, in the small town of Blenheim on New Zealand’s South Island. Blenheim was Brent’s hometown for 20 years.

“Ron – or ‘Mr Davisas he liked to be called, demanded nothing short of perfection. He didn’t let me pick up a power saw until I could cut perfectly straight with a handsaw, and I wasn’t allowed to use a nail gun for 2 years. Only a hammer! Ron not only showed me how to be a master craftsman. He taught me how to complete detailed, complex projects from the ground up. I was taught to build, and build well.”

After completing his four-year apprenticeship, Brent trained Ron’s upcoming team of apprentices. Working as a qualified carpenter in Blenheim on new architecturally designed homes until 1995, he later moved to Sydney, Australia. He spent over 10 years producing detailed joinery, carpentry and commercial fitouts.

Brent became a licensed builder in 2007, having completed Certificate IV in Building through the Master Builders’ Association of NSW.

A MBA Green Living Builder

As a MBA Green Living Builder, Brent is highly skilled in the construction and maintenance of quality homes that adopt industry best practices in the area of sustainability.

We’re focused on improving building performance

With our passion for sustainability, we’re always seeking to improve the way projects perform. We’re focused on providing practical guidance about how to reduce your property’s energy costs and enhance the environmentally friendly comfort of your home.