Our Purpose & Guiding Principles

“We strive to deliver the perfect balance between traditional building and modern-day performance”

Business owner Brent Tamati has created a set of guiding principles that underpin each project –how the work is done and what’s done.

Each member of the DBS team lives and breathes the guiding principles:

  1. Everybody wins.
    Our projects are good for you, the environment, our staff, our suppliers and ourselves.

  2. We take ownership.
    We don’t pass the buck.

  3. We look for ways to improve building performance.
    There is always a better way to do things…and we go looking for that.

  4. We run tight sites.
    Our sites are clean, safe and efficient.

  5. We make our job fun.
    We make sure we have fun and enjoy our time at work.

  1. We treat each other with kindness.
    Respect for others is at the heart of our work.

  2. Our jobs are profitable.
    We price our jobs so we can perform them to the highest standards.

  3. Have we communicated everything we need to our clients, architects, suppliers and each other?
    Good timely communication is key to successful building projects.

  4. Are we fully focused?
    We hold each other accountable to being present at work.

  5. Are we proud of that?
    We look back, and ask ourselves this question at the end of each working day.